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Since the early 80’s, WE have been the premier developer & manufacturer of steel molds for many major airsoft companies. With the ever-growing airsoft market, WE have a good reputation as a manufacturer of steel molds, laying the foundation for there own excellent line of airsoft products today. In 2003, WE launched there first line of gas blowback pistols and have never looked back since. From being a professional steel mold manufacturer over 30 years ago to creating our own line of full-metal airsoft pistols and rifles, the journey has been rewarding for us airsofter nuts.

At Just Airsoft Guns we stock a large number of WE pistols including both gas and Co2 models. Many are at a discount price and we offer fast low-cost shipping across the U.S. Please tack a look at our WE pistol selection and if you have any questions please do contact us.

CO2 Airsoft Pistols
CO2 Airsoft Pistols 770 430 Mark Watts

CO2 Airsoft Pistols

Ever since they were introduced, CO2 airsoft pistols have been taking the hobby by storm. There are a number of reasons for why CO2 is the preferred choice of a large number of airsoft players. Firstly, they are extremely efficient when compared to more traditional propane gas powered pistols and therefore slightly cheaper in the long run. CO2 power is also less sensitive to temperature and environmental conditions. This means that on an extremely cold day, the performance of a CO2 pistol won’t be as affected as a traditional gas-powered pistol.

Some of the top-selling CO2 airsoft pistols at Just Airsoft Guns are the offerings from HFC. HFC specialize in bringing high-quality airsoft pistols to the market, usually at almost unbelievable prices. For example, the HFC HG190 CO2 is available for only $80 and provides unbeatable performance in this price range. It is also a great replica of the Beretta M9 handgun, sure to impress almost any gun lover. The pistol also offers full blowback functionality, an almost unheard of feature in $80 CO2 airsoft pistols.

CO2 Airsoft Pistols

Overall, the CO2 power source is a great choice for your pistol. It provides a number of benefits over traditional propane gas powered alternatives and could even save you money in the long run. Take a look at our collection of CO2 airsoft pistols at Just Airsoft Guns.

Spring Airsoft Pistols
Spring Airsoft Pistols 770 430 Mark Watts

Spring Airsoft Pistols

Looking for a way to get into the amazing hobby that is airsoft or just to have some awesome backyard target shooting fun? Spring airsoft pistols might just be what you are looking for. Spring airsoft pistols are the least expensive way to get into airsoft shooting. Simply print off a target of your choice and set it up at a comfortable distance. Take out your spring airsoft pistol and get shooting in a matter of minutes. There is no shortage of choice when it comes to spring airsoft pistols. Want a specific style of the pistol such as 1911? You will easily find it due to the amazing variety in our range of spring pistols. Once you have mastered shooting with your spring airsoft pistol, getting used to a high-end gas pistol will be easy!

SRC Spring Airsoft Pistols

One recommended brand is SRC. SRC Taiwan has been making amazing quality airsoft guns of all types for many years and has been one of the most popular manufacturers. SRC’s range of spring airsoft pistols features some of the best quality available in this type of low-cost pistol. This means they will last you easily until you want to upgrade to something like a gas airsoft pistol. Check out the: SR1911, SR4505 and SR645 spring pistols from SRC.