How to choose a good starter airsoft gun

How to choose a good starter airsoft gun
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Are you looking to join the invigorating world of Airsoft Guns? A very popular recreational sport with a strong similarity to paintball, Airsoft guns and the sport in general are however more authentic in design and feel. Some are even designed as exact copies of real guns and are used in certified or regulated sports events and competitions.

Airsoft guns are powered according to varying methods and as such can be divided into the three categories of spring, electric and gas powered. It is from these varieties that you will have to make your choice for your first Airsoft gun.

Spring models

The spring powered guns are considered the best variety for beginners as they are also the most affordable and are decidedly easy to practice with. They are also ideal for backyard practice and casual shooting. Though you should look at a gun that doesn’t break the bank, it is also important that when starting out you buy a proper Airsoft gun, so as not to cause yourself the frustration of a cheap gun breaking or malfunctioning, just when you are starting out in the sport. However, remember as with any sports equipment, you must take care of your gun with proper maintenance to ensure its continuous peak performance.

The best beginner airsoft guns should be chosen for their durability and ease of use and care, which is why spring models are the ideal option for someone just starting out in the sport.

Why spring powered?

This variety is generally the least expensive and does not require batteries or recharging. It offers a decent amount of firepower with an unlimited power source thanks to the manual spring action required for firing. It offers a lower risk to the environment and general safety as mechanical action is required to fire each and every plastic pellet. There is no automatic firing feature. Another plus is that it works in all types of weather conditions. All these features make it the perfect starter airsoft guns for beginners and for practice so that gradual upgrading can be done at the proper time.

Other basics to consider

Now that you know the type of model that is most suitable, do some research of your own to find out some basics regarding buying and owning an airsoft gun. It will come in useful when you make the actual purchase as you can be confident in the informed decision you make. Always remember that Airsoft guns are exact replicas to scale of real guns and should be handled with care and concern regarding safety.

While airsoft guns do look and feel authentic, they only fire 6mm plastic round pellets known as BBS, which travel at much slower speeds than real bullets. However, they can still be dangerous if not handled with respect for safety. In the USA all airsoft guns must have an orange tip by law, making them easily identifiable as an airsoft gun.

A few choices

Some of the airsoft guns to choose from include the M292 Airsoft Spring Pistol, the P328 Spring 25 Airsoft Pistol the Heckler and Koch Clear P30 W Metal Slide and the HFC HG-173 Fully Automatic Blowback which are ideal for beginners. These are just suggestions. You can always browse and check for other options such as spring action rifles, but it would be advisable to stick to spring powered airsoft guns initially, till you get the hang and feel for the guns. Once you have mastered the spring powered guns you can advance on to the gas and electric versions and expand your level of fun and entertainment even further. There are benefits to each variety so enter the world of airsoft where authentic entertainment awaits you. Don’t forget to add airsoft accessories into the mix to really up your game!

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