At Just Airsoft Guns, we’ve got a wide range of Airsoft BB to suit all budgets and types of play, from some of the most esteemed brands in the industry like Bulldog Airsoft and SRC. It’s important to understand that while Airsoft BB’s can appear similar, they come in a variety of weights, like 0.20g, 0.25g and 0.30g. Before purchasing Airsoft BB, you should look at the FPS/Joule limit of your weapon to ascertain which type of ammunition will be best suited to your airsoft guns. Lighter Airsoft BB’s are ideal for those who want to achieve greater speed from their projectiles. However, the downside is that lighter BB’s reduce in speed much faster than heavier options. Heavier Airsoft BBs also have greater momentum, which means greater accuracy. The weight of your Airsoft BB choices can also be impacted by external factors such as crosswinds. Some Airsoft enthusiasts like to use tracer BB’s. These are infused with a bioluminescent dye or ink, which means they will glow in the dark. This makes them perfect for tracking projectile paths of movement. Some people like to use tracers at the end of their magazines, as an indicator of when they’re running low on ammunition. Whatever your requirements, Just Airsoft Guns has got you covered. If you need further advice, please don’t hesitate to ask.