Airsoft electric rifles or Airsoft Guns, better known as AEGs (Airsoft electric guns), are perfect when just starting out. With surprising range, rate of fire, and the ability to shine in a variety of roles, these rifles are the gold standards for quality Airsoft weaponry. Electric airsoft gun options are an excellent beginner’s choice. Budget AEGs are often still of surprisingly high quality; despite being made of polymers, the gearbox is usually made of high-grade metal components, giving it excellent durability. That means these guns can take many knocks and still fire true. These Airsoft Rifles are also available in many types: short-range pistols; long-range snipers; heavy machine guns; historical weapons; compact sub-machine guns; or the standard M4 platform. On top of this, the replicas themselves can be accessorized, often for a very reasonable cost. Check out our great selection of red-dot sights, scopes, lasers, bipods, grips, and magazines – something for almost every Airsoft replica gun.

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