Boost your airsoft performance with these premium 40g BB for airsoft. Offering clear precision and accuracy, these airsoft bb’s are well known for their professional-grade quality. Whether you’re a professional player or not, these airsoft bb’s are designed to increase the power and performance of any airsoft gun. Brought to us by Bulldog 2000, they are some of the most popular airsoft BB’s in the world. They are made from eco-friendly materials and come in a black design with a polished finish. Offering outstanding precision and performance, they are particularly popular amongst professional teams. Easy to transport during the game, the Airsoft BB are packaged in a resealable tub. Each .40g BB boasts an accurate weight with a good center of gravity. Other features include no seams or pitting, few to no air bubbles, and a low deviation of roundness. Before being packaged, they are triple-polished for a greater range. While they work well with any Airsoft Guns, they are particularly suited to fps sniper and DMR rifles, making them popular for both tactical and military-style games.

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