.36g BB

Load your air gun with 36G BB for excellent accuracy and power. Play like the professionals, with these high-quality airsoft bb’s. BULLDOG 2000 is a leading company in producing premium grade BB’s. With a sleek black design, these bb’s are created using eco-friendly materials complete with a smooth finish. Used by professional teams across the globe, expect precision, accuracy, and high performance throughout your game. The bb’s are presented in a resealable tub or bag, offering an easy way to transport them during the game. Key features include an accurate weight, no seams or pitting, and a good center of gravity. The 36G bb are 5.95mm + 0.01mmm calibrated, which helps to increase the performance of your airsoft guns and rifles. Each one has been thoroughly cleaned and triple polished, to produce a top-quality bb with a predictable trajectory. This pro-level bb boasts a high power for fps sniper and DMR rifles, making it ideal for competitive team games. The 36g weight also makes it perfect for tactical games and military-style tournaments.



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