For Airsoft players who want a more realistic shooting experience, gas rifles are a must. Realistic blowback action gives players an authentic experience that is lacking when other forms of power are used. A gas rifle doesn’t have the heavy draw weight of a spring-loaded rifle, enabling faster play. Adjustable power output results in the weapon or Airsoft Guns being more versatile, as well as being more easily tuned to individual performance requirements. The most popular form of gas is green gas – convenient, cost-effective, and easy to store, green gas is used to recharge gas cartridges as and when required. It also has the advantage of being portable: weapons can be refilled on the field, in contrast to electric versions, where a period of recharging is required before the reuse of your Airsoft Rifles. Gas rifles are a good choice for experienced players who want weapons that can do more, last longer, and keep up with challenging play.

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