.12g BB

These .12G BB have been crafted by experts to make the most of your spring operated pistols. They have been created with care, each fully calibrated, and with the smooth polished surface for each sphere that you would always expect. Each has been cleaned to a completely glossy finish before being packed. You’ll find no ridges or imperfections but can be confident that they have been manufactured using environmentally-friendly materials. Provided in sturdy and reusable tubs, your Airsoft BBs provide a consistent cycle and terrific accuracy with a totally reliable range, trajectory and grouping. You can choose the amount that most suits your needs, with tubs offering two, five and ten thousand shot options. These are popular choices with collectors, simulation game players, and for training purposes. Offered here at Just Airsoft Guns at great value prices, we can ship from our base in Dallas to your chosen location anywhere across the United States…



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