Pros and cons of spring, electrical and gas airsoft guns

Pros and cons of spring, electrical and gas airsoft guns
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You are spoilt for choice when it comes to Airsoft guns in USA and airsoft accessories, which is great if you are devoted to this recreational sport. Started back in the 1970s it today, has a massive following of people who enjoy the sheer authenticity of the experience. If you are looking to purchase an airsoft gun for the first time or simply to upgrade and up your game, then the below tips may come in handy with the selection process


Basically, Airsoft Guns are available in three main varieties, each of which the pros and cons have been mentioned below:

Spring powered

Spring powered airsoft guns are the original variety and the most basic of the three types. It is easy to understand and use and quite reliable. It is for these reasons, that spring powered airsoft guns are considered the ideal entry level options as it uses mechanical power and does not have an automatic firing feature. While many types of upgrades are available to make the gun more powerful, at its basic level, it offers decent firepower and has a lower risk of harm to the environment.

Plastic pellets are fired using spring action, and each firing has to be done manually, making it safer for beginners. It also does not require charging or batteries thanks to an unlimited source of manual power. Further, it works well in any weather condition, be it wet, dry, cold or hot. Once more confident, a beginner can switch to more powerful variations such as sniper rifles. However, owing to the spring action these airsoft guns are not often the quietest and so not always suitable for stealth. Spring powered airsoft guns are generally the cheaper option of all the varieties, that delivers a solid experience for its cost.

Gas powered

Gas powered airsoft guns are most commonly fuelled by compressed CO2, Nitrogen or green gas or propane, which propels the pellet into the barrel while also sliding and loading the next round automatically. There are many models to choose from with blowback models providing a more authentic look and feel compared to the non-blowback variety of airsoft guns. On the flipside however, non-blowback airsoft guns are more powerful and conserve more gas than the blowback airsoft guns. Users can compress multiple types of gas depending on the model type, to power BBs pellet firing.  While semi-automatics are the more commonly found type, fully-automatic options are available. Gas powered airsoft guns are considered as the natural progression from spring powered models when advancing in the sport.

However, some of the cons to consider is that gas powered airsoft guns are affected by outside weather conditions. In extreme cold conditions the gas can freeze, hindering smooth functioning. Power is not unlimited and must be supplemented with gas canisters and spares if a lengthy game is planned.

Electric powered

For the ultimate airsoft gun experience, electric powered versions are without a doubt the most popular. Powered by electric motor with rechargeable batterie, gun varieties include pistols and rifles. The rifles come with a three-gear box which pushes against the spring to launch the BBs pellet with launch speeds reaching about 250 to 500 feet per second. As manual cocking is not necessary, electric powered airsoft guns are popular with field gamers as it provides an authentic experience, offering both semi-automatic and automatic firing. Available in both metal and plastic, the metal option has a decidedly more realistic feel to it. These guns are ideal for stealth as they are very quiet and come with many upgrade and accessory options.

As it is battery or electric powered, the airsoft guns do require recharging and may not always be suitable for wet conditions. However, these are definitely minor inconveniences when weighed against the experience provided. Hopefully, this breakdown of the airsoft gun varieties on offer will help you with your personal research into finding and purchasing the perfect airsoft gun and airsoft accessories for you.

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