We stock a wide selection of airsoft pistol holsters at Just Airsoft Guns: from a generic hip belt or leg holsters through to specialty weapon holsters, our range has something suitable for all Airsoft players. If you need to cover the distance, hip holsters are a good choice; keeping your pistol secure while at the same time ensuring your gun is in a predictable location. In comparison, a leg holster can provide a significant speed advantage – many players find they can draw faster from a leg holster. Leg holsters are also handy if you already have a belt full of loose equipment. For some players, carrying a sidearm on the upper leg can begin to impede speed during movement, and may also prove a challenge if a commando crawl is needed. Each of our holsters is made to a demanding specification from tough, premium materials. This results in an airsoft gun or weapon carrier you can rely on, even in challenging conditions.

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