Get your game of airsoft off to a good start with these high-quality airsoft BB’s. Weighing 32 grams, these airsoft BB’s guarantee power, accuracy, and high performance. Choose from a range colors including yellow, black, and white. Produced by Bulldog Airsoft 2000, you can expect the best possible quality for your airsoft game. The .32G bb’s stand out from other airsoft bb’s thanks to their smooth surface and eco-friendly materials. They have been carefully designed to suit all levels and abilities, but are particularly popular for professional training and simulation games. Expect high performance with these calibrated airsoft BB’s. They are presented in a resealable tub, making it is easy to use and reload while you play. The .32G bb have been triple polished to ensure accuracy and precision. They are one of the most popular airsoft BB’s in the world, used by professionals and experienced gamers alike for all Airsoft Guns. These Airsoft BB also meet game requirements and standards, making them a perfect addition to any team.

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