For one of the most versatile bb weights, our 0.28g bb range cannot fail to deliver. These .28g bb are light enough to be fired from low-FPS pistols, yet weighty enough to withstand the increased pressures of Airsoft Guns with higher FPS. By using mid-range bb’s, you can reload every weapon in your Airsoft arsenal without having to be as precise about FPS. The bb’s are optimal between the range of 400-450 FPS, and they continue to perform exceptionally as we broaden out into the 350-500FPS range. Lower or higher FPS ranges than these may render your shots less powerful or less accurate. At Just Airsoft Guns, we strive to maintain both your health and the health of the environment. Picture this, you’ve been out spraying thousands of Airsoft BB. How do you deal with this? Luckily, you don’t have to. Our bb’s are 100% biodegradable, meaning you can fire, perspire… and retire.

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