H & K (or Heckler and Koch) are the manufacturers of some of the most famous models of firearms in the world. From the real-life battlefield to the world’s most popular video games, H&K weapons are some of the most recognizable on the market. Now, with Just Airsoft Guns, you can bring your favorite H&K models into the airsoft arena with you. Whatever you need from airsoft guns, you can find them in the H & K range. If you’re seeking a sidearm to pull out in closer combat then the iconic and versatile USP can come in handy, whereas if you want to win longer-range duels then classic and recognizable SMGs like the UMP and MP5 are the perfect tools to add to your arsenal. At Just Airsoft Guns, we also offer a selection of additional magazines. Running out of ammo on the battlefield can put you in a dangerous situation, so having spare magazines is a must for anyone looking to win an airsoft battle.

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