Colt Airsoft guns and accessories. From air pistols to gas rifles and everything in-between, JAG has you covered. Colt is not only one of the most recognizable brands in the Airsoft industry but also one of its oldest and most successful. Since its creation over 150 years ago, Colt has brought America some of its biggest household names in the gun world, including the 1911 and M4 to name but two. Since Colt’s move toward airsoft guns, people have been able to get their hands on working replicas of popular classics. Offering timeless design modelled after their military-grade counterparts, these Airsoft weapons are perfect for Airsoft sports of all kinds as well as individual target practice. All products are made from highly durable metal components, ensuring both reliability as well as durability. A range of high-quality products at fair prices are on offer to be delivered to you with a range of shipping options.

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