Amoeba is a well-known brand. Since 2010, Amoeba has been an innovator in the airsoft industry, utilizing its technological expertise to create world-class gear and accessories, such as its Electronic Fire Control System. Their product range includes gas airsoft rifles, automatic electric guns (AEG), gun racking systems, spare parts (internal and external), upgrade components, grenade launchers, and spring-powered airsoft guns. Over the years, they’ve managed to stand out from the competition by putting performance, quality, and realistic-looking products at the forefront of their design objectives. Their airsoft range consists of 20 guns, and their bolt action Striker rifles are known to deliver trusted performance. It’s even possible to customize their appearance with a range of external interchangeable parts. The Striker’s magazine is removable too and holds up to 45 BBs, vastly cutting down on the reload time. In terms of accessories, there are more than 100 to choose from, including grips, handguards, flash hiders, bipods, cheek and butt pads, plus much more.

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