What are the Best Airsoft BB

What are the Best Airsoft BB
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One of the most asked questions in airsoft today is what are the best airsoft BB and should I use 0.20g, 0.25g or 0.28g ammo in my airsoft weapons? We answer all these questions in this our best airsoft BB guide.

So let’s start off with a few basics, most airsoft BB are manufactured in the same factory and the only difference is the manufacturing material mix, the number of times it is polished and finally, which coating is used to make the gun ready. Although we don’t have the specifications for each BB brand we can give you our views and experience on each product. Here are our top 5 airsoft BB brands in order of popularity with our customers and staff.



The Bulldog BB is an outstanding low-cost BB that rivals even the most expensive premium BB brands. Precision is the most important factor for high-quality airsoft BB. Bulldog Airsoft BB are 5.95mm + 0.01mm calibrated and have no ridges or imperfections. Designed to maximise the performance of your airsoft guns and pistols. Bulldog BB now come with a re-sealable sturdy tub or bag for easy transportation. Available in 0.12g / 0.20g / 0.25g / 0.28g / 0.30g / 0.32g / 0.36g / 0.40g / and are in both standard and biodegradable formats.

  • Polished smooth finish
  • Accurate weight
  • No seams or pitting
  • Good centre of gravity
  • Few to no air bubbles
  • Low deviation of roundness



SRC is a new name in Airsoft BBs, however, the company have been making quality airsoft guns, pistols and accessories for many years. If you use tracer BBs in your guns then you should take a look at the SRC 0.20g Perfect Glow Tracer Airsoft BBs in a tall bottle. These outstanding tracer airsoft BBs offer a long-lasting glow perfect for your next airsoft skirmish.



Elite Force Airsoft BBs are packaged in a unique bottle with a screw-on cap, much like a soda bottle, that makes storage, transport, and loading simple. The 6mm BBs for airsoft guns from Elite Force have been tested successfully in many variants of mid- and hi-cap airsoft magazines. That testing combined with the overall consistency in size and polish has proven their precision reliability.



One of the largest brand names in airsoft, their BBs have been around for many years and are still used at most airsoft skirmish sites. Most G&G airsoft guns today are supplied with a pack of their high-quality BBs and are tested with all of their guns and pistols.



Crosman is a brand name that has been synonymous with firearms, airguns and airsoft for many years. These 6mm BBs are good quality at a low price and are used in a lot of low-end airsoft guns, you do not see them at many skirmish sites.


Take a look at our full range of airsoft BB where you can choose the right ones for your guns and pistols…

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