Weird and Wonderful from KWA

Weird and Wonderful from KWA
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Let’s face it, airsoft has a bit of a problem when it comes to its AEG choice. By that, we mean in the sense that if you take a sample size of say 100, we’d guarantee that at least ¾ of those would be making use of some form of M4/AR-15 variant. At the end of the day, the AEG Airsoft Guns you choose is completely up to you – who are we to judge! But with that said, don’t you want to stand out from the crowd a little? Sure, you can slap a bunch of attachments on your M4/AR15, but it’s still the same AEG. Why not branch out a little and pick up something a little different? 

We’re not telling you to completely drop your beloved AR platform – in fact, the two items we’re going to suggest are somewhat AR in design. However, they offer something somewhat different. Both manufactured by KWA, the Ronin TK.45 and QRF MOD1 are built in a very AR-like style, however, they add some artistic flair to the age-old platform.


Established in 1988, KWA has been the leading designer and manufacturer of airsoft replica weapons for law enforcement and military training. Its reputation for quality, performance, and reliability makes KWA a recognized leader in professional airsoft products. In a time when airsoft development is focused on external replications and logos, KWA has been advancing airsoft technologies with the introduction of the NS2 Gas Blowback System and the 2GX Mechbox. Both product advancements increase the overall performance and reliability beyond all conventional standards of the industry. 

These products represent KWAs commitment to excellence and passion for engineering products that simply outperform. KWAs state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Taiwan with an independent sales and distribution operation in the United States that services the Americas and all European Regions.


The ultimate addition to the Ronin AEG lineup is here.  The “Tekken” TK.45 Series is available as either the field ready TK.45 AEG 3 carbine with a slender aluminum 10-inch M-LOK free float rail and KWA’s Kinetic Feedback System (KFS), or as the TK.45c AEG 2.5, with KWA’s Variable Performance System (VPS) unit, which allows a quick and simple FPS adjustment. Both models feature quick-change spring systems that add even more customizability to the series

Like all current KWA rifle offerings, the receiver of the Tekken Series is full metal, but also features contemporary billet-styling on both the upper and lower, further enhancing the aggressive and modern look of the AEG. The angled polymer magwell doubles as a foregrip and allows for maximum retention and manipulation when you need it. Both versions come with a “Tekken 120” magazine, a 120 round mid-cap that is also available in a 3-pack. A modified and updated mechbox means that you can easily drop in your favorite electronic trigger without complications

WIth full ambidextrous and oversized controls, including an aggressive ambi charging handle, KeyMod or MLOK aluminum free float rails, and PTS Enhanced Polymer Furniture, the Tekken Series displays KWA’s unrivaled quality and craftsmanship, leaving the nearest competition in the dust.


The QRF MOD1 is renowned for its patented lever-style magazine release. The contour of the magazine that this airsoft gun accepts is different from what you would find compatible for the MOD2. At the rear, the PDW buttstock has its cheek weld removed and has a MOD1 style structure. This airsoft gun comes with KWA’s patented AEG 2.5 gearbox that utilizes their Variable Performance System. 

The VPS allows you to set up a desired FPS without getting into the mechbox. Additionally, there is a quick-change spring system for switching up the FPS range fit for your mission. Within the gearbox, there is a new high-torque motor and high-speed gear set for reliable performance. The gearbox also has switch life extender and space for drop-in ready MOSFETs such as the GATE Titan. 

Overall, it’s no surprise that KWA has brought this outstanding model to continue to grow the airsoft community.

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