Types of Nuprol Airsoft Gas

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Green Gas Airsoft

The world of airsoft can be confusing sometimes, even more so if you are only just getting into your first gas or CO2 powered Airsoft Guns. There are a number of different types of airsoft guns, all of which can have a drastically different effect on the performance of your gas airsoft rifles or pistols. NUPROL is a leading manufacturer of airsoft gas, they make three main types of gas: green, red and black.

Red airsoft gas is designed to provide extremely consistent, powerful performance over a wide range of temperatures. This is important as the temperature of your environment can have a huge impact on the performance of your airsoft weapon. Red is considered a great all-rounder and will provide plenty of power at a consistent rate.

Black airsoft gas performance is intended for use in the cold at temperatures between 3c and 20c. Perfect for the winter airsoft season, NUPROL black will keep your airsoft rifle firing at an impressive rate even at the coldest of airsoft skirmishes.

Finally, we have the famous green gas. Green Gas provides the ultimate in power delivery for your airsoft rifle or pistol at normal temperatures. It also features a silicone lubricant to help keep your airsoft rifles and pistols at their best.

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