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Take a look at the KWA Ronin 47. The AK platform is one of, if not the most iconic assault rifle in the world. With a wide range of variants available in the real-world market, it comes as no surprise that the airsoft market is inundated with a plethora of options to fulfill your AK needs. One of the most recent trends with the AK platform is the ‘tactical’ AK — a revamped silhouette that brings the wooden AK into the 21st century, offering a range of QoL changes such as Picatinny rail systems, extendable stocks, and polymer magazines.

Several airsoft manufacturers have tried their hand at the tactical AK, but we’ve got to say, very few have lived up to the high standards we have here at Just Airsoft Guns — at least until the KWA RONIN 47 came through the shop doors. KWA’s answer to the tactical AK, the RONIN 47 comes complete with a 7″ MLOK handguard, a Gen. 2 PDW ‘Tanker’ stock, a ‘Cutter’ muzzle brake, and a paddle-style magazine release. In addition, like many real-world tactical AKs, the rail and upper receiver are constructed from metal, while the lower receiver is manufactured from an aluminum mix. It also comes complete with a PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip and the PTS Enhanced Back-Up Iron Sights. All in all, so far so good — the RONIN 47 most definitely passes the ‘look’ test with flying colors!

KWA RONIN 47 airsoft gun usa

Internally, the RONIN 47 makes use of KWA’s brilliant AEG 2.5 gearbox which incorporates the Variable Performance System – or VPS system – which allows the user to adjust the FPS with the use of a tool that KWA provides as standard. A reinforced mech box is also found internally, which is ready for a MOSFET to be dropped in, but unfortunately, it does not come with one installed (which in reality is our only gripe with the RONIN 47). The rifle can be powered by either a NiMh or a LiPo/LiFe battery, with the connector being found in the stock tube. While this doesn’t give a huge amount of space for a battery, we found a 7.4 Nuprol LiPo to fit perfectly, which gave the RONIN 47 more than enough power. Should you wish to install something a little bigger, you can make use of aftermarket parts which will extend the amount of space available. In reality, this is us nitpicking, but a little extra battery space would be preferable, but it’s not a case of not being able to fit anything into it; it’s more a case of its a little snug and can be fiddly to install the battery in.

Having spent a little time with the RONIN 47 in our on-site range, we can definitely give it a thumbs up. It fired consistently with no issues in both semi and full-auto modes, with a very sharp trigger response. Obviously, this could be improved upon, but due to the fact you can drop a MOSFET into it easily, it’s a straightforward fix. Personally, we would likely do so, not purely to improve the already brilliant trigger response, but more because we’re a big fan of burst fire modes. Regarding the rifle’s size, it felt very easy to maneuver around corners and the likes, and weighs very little, making it perfect for longer games or for those of you who do not want to be lugging around a cumbersome rifle.

In closing, the RONIN 47 joins an already long list of KWA products that we think are brilliant rifles, and at the reasonable price of $415, we cannot think of many other AK variants that would stand up next to it!


Length (Retracted): 24.50″
Length (Extended): 29.25″
Height: 11″
Outer Barrel Length: 6.75″
Inner Barrel Length: 8.625″
Magazine Capacity: 120
Weight: 6.2 lbs
Rate of Fire: 20+
Velocity: ~ 340 FPS min ~ 370 FPS max, Adjustable FPS
Power Source: NiMh or Li-Po/Li-Fe (Deans /T-Plug )

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