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It’s Starting to Feel a Lot Like Christmas! Our Picks for Christmas Gifts This Festive Season…

It’s that time of year again and trying to find the perfect gift for your significant other, child, friend, or other family members can often be a nightmare. Thankfully, if the recipient of your potential purchase is an airsoft player, then it’ll make your life a little easier – especially with this list of our favorite airsoft items.

To make your life even easier, we’ve split this months’ blog up into four different categories – under $50, $50-£150, $150-£250, and $250+, to ensure a list of gifts that are affordable for everyone. Furthermore, we’ve put together a whole heap of gift packages specifically for this festive period, with a range of exclusive packages that you won’t find anywhere else.

On top of that, should you find something on our website that is cheaper elsewhere, we will match that price. Simply contact us directly or select the price match tab on the product page you want us to match. The rest is easy, and you’ll get the great customer service we offer along with your new product at a price that will not be beaten!

If you’re still struggling for ideas, though, you could also just pick up one of our gift cards. This will allow your partner, child, friend, or just about anyone you’re buying a gift for to pick up something they want without running the risk of picking up something they don’t want. So, if you’re going to grab one of our gift cards, simply click here.




This is the exciting HA-116 spring airsoft pistol from HFC. Despite its low price, this is a high-quality, ABS-constructed, full-size 6mm airsoft pistol with a fantastic design, good performance, and a very respectable FPS. This excellent P226 style pistol, inspired by the weapon depicted in various movies and games, has some great features. It comes with a 15 round drop feed magazine that fits into the pistol grip as standard so you can enjoy the most realistic and satisfying shooting experience possible right out of the box.

This gun is exceedingly versatile, and we’ve found it to be excellent for most uses in airsoft. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to do some target shooting in your garden with a precise but handy airsoft gun or you’re looking for a rugged, durable sidearm for your intense airsoft skirmishes, this pistol will serve you well in any situation.

To ensure you have everything you need to make use of your new HFC HA-116, this bundle comes complete with the following –

– 1000 premium Bulldog biodegradable 0.20g BBs
– 1 large sticking target



This HA239 airsoft combat shotgun is a full-size 1:1 replica. It has an incredibly high-capacity 6mm BB magazine designed by HFC. This airsoft shotgun has good power and smooth pump action. Additionally, this model features a great-looking fold-down stock, so not only does this look great even when not in use, but when it is folded down, the stock greatly improves the accuracy and steadiness of the shooter. This gun is an easy recommendation for both recreation and skirmishing for beginners or advanced Airsoft enthusiasts.

The Bulldog HA239 makes use of a Hop-up device that applies backspin to the projectile reducing the air pressure on its top side. This causes the plastic pellet to fall less over a given distance in flight than it would without the spin applied, extending the effective range of the HA239 airsoft combat shotgun without increasing velocity.

To ensure you have everything you need to make use of your new Bulldog HA239, this bundle comes complete with the following –

– 1000 premium Bulldog biodegradable 0.20g BBs
– 1 large sticking target



Have you never heard of Krown Land before? Well, you might want to start paying attention to this innovative Taiwanese-based manufacturer. KROWN LAND INTERNATIONAL (KLI) is a team dedicated to researching GBB and CO2 systems, optimizing the current Airsoft pistols, and developing various innovative developments. In 2018, the company was officially established, providing modified products and launching various types of guns. Every production detail and step uses the highest quality control, from the mold to each screw; they are fully committed to providing the most stable product quality and a variety of innovative designs.

If you’re looking for your next favorite airsoft pistol, the KL M92 is well worth a look. The KL M92 pistol in black has a full metal slide and frame. This airsoft pistol’s excellent construction and design mean that it looks and handles just like the great firearm of the same name. Powered by C02 canisters stored in the pistol’s magazines, the KL M92 incorporates a manual safety with a two-stage trigger and hammer. Furthermore, the KL M92 comes equipped with a tactical rail on the front-end of the pistol to attach several different attachments such as a tactical light and includes combat sights.

If you enjoy shooting airsoft guns at all, whether during target practice or casual yard battles, then you shouldn’t miss out on this gun.



The Krytac Full Metal Trident MK2 CRB is a modernized carbine that excels in close quarters and wide-open outdoor engagements. The Trident MK2 CRB utilizes a 10.5 barrel and ten free floating, DEFIANCE TR110, key mod handguard. The DEFIANCE hand guard features three prongs at the front that can be used to brace the gun against barricades, eliminating the need for an aftermarket barricade stop rail accessory. The MK2 aluminum receivers feature a modern design with a stamped KRYTAC logo and includes an integrated enlarged trigger guard. An originally designed DEFIANCE pistol grip enhances the rifle’s comfort and grip. Additional features include an ambidextrous fire selector and a locking bolt that provides easy access to the KRYTAC rotary hop-up system.

Internally, the Trident MK2 CRB features a reinforced 8mm ball bearing gearbox with integrated MOSFET to regulate electronic signals and to protect the trigger contacts. The corners of the gearbox surrounding the cylinder feature a smooth radius, as opposed to a 90 angle, to prevent fracture. Also, the gearbox shell features a small window on the left side where lubrication can be applied directly to the gears or piston and this window is also convenient for inspecting the angle of engagement with the gearbox fully assembled.

To ensure you have everything you need to make use of your new Krytac Trident MKII, this bundle comes complete with the following –

– 2000 premium Bulldog biodegradable 0.25g BBs
– 1 Bulldog B3 Li-Po charger
– 1 Bulldog Li-Po 1200mAh 11.1v battery


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