New Airsoft Rifles from Nuprol

Category: New Products

One of our favourite Airsoft manufacturers is Nuprol. For years they have been providing excellent airsoft products that consistently perform better than some more expensive competitors. Now they are back with three brand new airsoft products as part of their ‘Delta’ range of AEG airsoft rifles.

First, we have the Nuprol Delta AK21 CQB Airsoft Rifle. This is a mid range airsoft rifle optimized for close quarters airsoft battles. With its shorter barrel and tactical stock, it can be adapted to a wide variety of skirmish situations, but the AK21 performs best in short to mid range fights. The Nuprol AK21’s unusual tilted iron sights also make this rifle ideal for peeking tight corners in close quarters airsoft battles.

Also now in stock at Just Airsoft Guns is both the Nuprol Delta Enforcer Alpha and Bravo airsoft rifles. Both rifles feature the same M4 based receiver and the same outstanding Nuprol automatic/semi-automatic gearbox. The main difference between the Alpha and Bravo is their barrel lengths. This makes the Alpha very accurate at long range due to its longer barrel. The Bravo has a more ‘normal’ barrel length, making it more adaptable to different situations in an airsoft skirmish.

These brand new airsoft rifles from Nuprol are now in stock at Just Airsoft Guns USA. Previous airsoft products from Nuprol are also now back in stock and available to order today!

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