How To Clean And Maintain Airsoft Guns

How To Clean And Maintain Airsoft Guns
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How To Clean And Maintain Airsoft Guns – I hear a lot of airsoft gun owners say, ‘I clean it after using it,’ there’s no point cleaning it,’ ‘ I rarely use it, so there’s no need for maintenance.’ and I feel most of them did not actually realize how crucial it is to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of all their Airsoft Guns.

So you might start to wonder if your airsoft gun needs to be cleaned after shooting with it. If you are not used to it, it could be a difficult challenge and probably destroy your gun. You don’t want to destroy your gun, so you should clean it instead.

Airsoft weapons require routine cleaning, just like any other piece of equipment. The fact is that utilizing and cleaning both play a part. Without adequate maintenance, dust buildup and BB residue can gather inside our weapons, which can lead to parts jamming. The barrel is the crucial component that requires the most cleaning; however, the gearbox is something you should avoid if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Your Airsoft Gun may start to malfunction for a few different reasons. A solid maintenance schedule can address a number of typical issues, such as:

  1. The barrel contains an excessive amount of dirt, debris, or residue.
  2. BBs with defects or stains.
  3. A buildup of dirt or debris inside the magazine.
  4. Damaged nozzles or tappet plates.
  5. A hop-up that is overly tight, damaged, or malformed.

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Show me that equipment or that thing that does not require cleaning or better maintenance — nothing basically, even the human body requires a good medical checkup from time to time.

In lieu of this, regular cleaning of airsoft guns is necessary because the BBs that are fired from them leave behind tiny dust particles that tend to collect over time. The dirt will eventually harden and start to harm your pistol over time, causing it to jam.

You face a great chance of ruining your airsoft pistol if you don’t clean it thoroughly enough. Your airsoft gun’s piston or gears might be harmed.
On the other hand, over-cleaning your airsoft pistol can hurt it. To thoroughly clean the gun, you must disassemble it first. It’s likely that either the disassembly or reassembly will be difficult and that you’ll break some of the pieces during cleaning.

Therefore, it’s crucial to never clean the gun too frequently or to keep the BB residue on it for an extended period of time.

If you clean your gun too frequently, you run the danger of breaking it or lubricating it more frequently than necessary, which will increase the amount of money you spend on maintenance. If you don’t clean frequently enough, you risk damage, accuracy loss, and accumulation. You want to clean when you need to, of course.


Because BB pellets leave a residue when they are fired from an airsoft gun, the barrels need to be cleaned fairly frequently to prevent buildup and prevent your gun from firing. This implies that the frequency of cleaning your pistol will depend on how frequently you use it.

When you go through roughly 2000 BBs or every two to three games, you should try to clean your barrel.

The minuscule plastic remnants that are left behind as you shoot BBs will assemble over time. Pay attention to how your gun’s accuracy declines over time and maintain it as necessary. Obviously, buildup will be influenced by your gun’s particular quirks, the caliber of ammunition you use, and other factors.

Naturally, you’ll need to clean your gun more frequently if you play in unfavorable weather, such as rain or sandstorms, or if you drop your weapon in the mud.

Taking good care of your gun will help boost the performance and save you from undue stress.


Your airsoft gun’s barrel will occasionally need to be cleaned. If your BBs are deviating vertically when you fire the gun, this is frequently an indication. All you need to clean out the barrel is a cleaning rod and some high-quality paper towels. Most airsoft gun manufacturers usually include a cleaning rod with the airsoft gun.

To wipe out the barrel, just adhere to these easy steps:

  1. Thread a strip of paper towel (about 3 inches long by 12 inches wide) through the cleaning rod’s tip.
  2. Spray the strip with silicone lubricant sparingly.
  3. Insert the cleaning rod into the barrel in a stepwise manner.
  4. The rod should be gently spun while being moved along the barrel’s length.
  5. Repeat the same procedure as necessary.

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Now that you know how to clean the most crucial part, the next step after cleaning is the exterior part.

The exterior of your gun should not be overlooked, even though cleaning the barrel is perhaps the most crucial maintenance task. Your greatest allies for keeping the exterior of your rifle clean will be a soft cloth and a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush. They can be used to clear your pistol of dirt and grit. To clean all the nooks and crannies, cotton swabs can also be really helpful. The rails, mounts, and other accessible elements should be cleaned of any rust, grit, or dust. Don’t use anything too abrasive or a brush with firm bristles; it might scratch the finish of your gun.


Next to the cleaning, it is possible that your pistol needs to be lubricated, especially the gearbox and the hop-up, if it’s jamming or misfeeding.

Just like other cleaning processes, there are a few steps of how to lubricate your Airsoft guns. To accomplish this,

  1. Take out the magazine and shoot in semi-auto a few times to make sure the hop-up is clear of BBs.
  2. Flip the gun over onto your lap and repeatedly spray the hop-up with silicone oil from a container.
  3. Use the oil sparingly, though, and let it sit for a while so that it can permeate the hop up.

At times, the gearbox may also require lubrication; to do this,

  1. You must first remove the motor
  2. After removing the motor, you’ll be able to see a little hole at the bottom of the gearbox, where you can spray the silicone oil a few times.
  3. After spraying the gearbox with silicon oil, allow the gun to stay upside-down for a few minutes. This is to allow the oil to properly enter the gearbox.
  4. Lubricating your gun will help keep everything running smoothly, and it’ll also protect your gun from any dirt or dust buildup.


Depending on the sort of airsoft gun you own, there are many ways to care for the magazine. Your airsoft gun will surely have a user manual; check it and follow the advice therein. But there are a couple of general rules to abide by. Here are some of them:

  1. Magazines must be emptied after each usage in order to maintain the spring strength in spring-activated and electric airsoft guns. By doing this, you can make sure that you may continue to enjoy your airsoft pistol for many years.
  2. Magazines for gas airsoft weapons should remain pressurized. This will assist in maintaining the integrity of every component. You should add a drop of silicon lubricant to the internals if you’re using gas.
  3.  Always make sure that when you expel gas from the airsoft gun you should not use the release valve. Otherwise, you could freeze the O-ring, resulting in future gas leakage.


No matter how carefully you take care of your airsoft gun, it may occasionally jam, and whenever it happens, you should stop firing immediately. If you continue firing, it could lead to a broken gear or piston, so understanding how to fix it is crucial. Here are some of the processes:

  1. After you have stopped firing, put the opposite end of the cleaning rod into the barrel.
  2. Turn the gun upside down and gently re-insert the jammed BB into the magazine.
  3. Test firing the weapon next. Then you’re good to go. Nevertheless, if jamming persists, get in touch with your neighborhood airsoft dealer for more thorough maintenance.


Your wallet may feel a little lighter after purchasing a high-quality airsoft gun and all the best accessories, so you’ll definitely want to use it for as long as possible. Maintaining and caring for your airsoft equipment will assist in ensuring that it continues to operate at a high level and will help you win on the field.

If you clean and maintain your airsoft gun regularly, it should continue to work until you no longer need it, with more significant repairs being needed every few years.

In conclusion, as an airsoft gun owner, you should keep to the habit of cleaning your gun regularly and avoid overcleaning because I am sure you don’t want to create expensive expenses for yourself.

The user manual is also important; it keeps you guided on what to do and how to do it. If it seems you can not get it done, consult a reputable airsoft dealer such as for a thorough guide.

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