Frag Out Airsoft Grenade Review

Frag Out Airsoft Grenade Review
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This blog is about Frag Out Airsoft Grenade Review. With the vast amount of various re-usable Airsoft grenades on the market, it’s hard to tell which is best for you, but I wanted to see if there was actually a need for the re-usable Airsoft Grenades on the field and if it gives you that all-important tactical advantage?


I have often found myself in our store or our online shop hovering on the page and thinking, is it really going to improve my game, and can I justify spending that kind of cash? I hate to think how much money I have spent on a kit and crammed it into my locker just as any avid Airsofter does – there is always a new piece of something I want, and I always feel I need that item! But do we really? And more importantly, is it usable, and can I really afford it? With these questions in mind, I’m going to address a few things in my experience regarding reusable grenades by looking at their effectiveness, dangers, and obvious pitfalls.

The choices are endless, and with so many options available, I can easily see why more and more players are using them. So let’s break this down a little and look at the different types on the market first.


Is it needed if it doesn’t actually do anything? Other than filling a pouch, it may look good hanging off your vest or rigging, but that’s all it is: an added bit of eye candy. I understand that some players would like to use them as a distraction tool or try fooling others into vacating an area, but that will only work a few times, as players quickly become accustomed to your dummy tactic and just kick it away after seeing the same grenade come through a doorway or window a few times, players just ignore it. I’ve seen these grenades used on the field, and very rarely do they have the desired effect needed on your opponents. It’s pretty pointless as a tool and can be easily lost. Keep it in a pouch or hanging off your rig.


Something that makes a bang is seriously better than no bang at all. Depending on what type you are using, these grenades can make a hefty crack as they hit the ground. Let’s be honest, especially in a CQB playing area; they are easily the most effective way of clearing a room, as the bang cannot be ignored. However, you now have the job of trying to retrieve the grenade (in most cases). You will still be under fire and moving on to the next room, so do you stop to collect your grenade and reload it – hang on… where’s your team gone? Another option is to try and remember where it landed and go back and find it after the building has been cleared (wishing you had it to clear at least another two rooms) or wait until you re-spawn. Either way, you’ve left your expansive kit alone in the hope it’s still there when you return. In a woodland setting, it is going to be even harder to retrieve your grenade because, let’s face it, one bush looks almost identical to the next. Reusable grenades, in most cases, are far easier to lose in my experience. We’ve sadly seen this way too often at our own events, with the users not quite remembering where it landed and the environment simply swallowing them; plus, you may only get one chance of using them, and it may not have given you the result you were hoping for.

The other thing to remember is that these can weigh a fair amount, and again I’ve seen mistakes happen, causing injury to others during play as the ‘red mist’ descends, and you may have forgotten that point in the safety briefing where you are told only to “roll and NOT throw the grenade”.


They clearly do what they say on the tin or, for that matter, the case – they fire BBs from the loaded mechanism from within the grenade. But in my opinion, the kill radius is very limited and unpredictable. Good sites will call everything in the area that the grenade goes off in eliminated, even though the BBs might not have penetrated the whole area. This isn’t restricted to just reusable types of bb grenades, but is down to the site you are playing – some sites adopt a fair “Bang Rule” where others don’t, but I can assure you that in a real-world situation, a grenade going off in a confined space will pretty much kill all of the occupants and leave the survivors seriously injured. So with this one, yes, they do work, but again, it’s that whole one-time use thing that’s frustrated me, especially in a CQB environment when you should let the grenades do all of the hard work for you. It’s a tough call. Of course, you want bangs, and yes, they are reusable, but for me, it’s the frequency you can reuse them and how best to retrieve them.


These come in very handy indeed as the time delay enables you to be ready for any unsuspecting players suddenly appearing and also protects a certain area or objective as the claymore can be set to trip or remote activation, but then again, depending on the area you are defending you could have an ark of 360 degrees to defend, and one randomly placed claymore won’t help that much, but just the fact that you have one could make the opposing team think twice. However, the latter requires you to have a clear line of sight to the area that you have deployed the claymore in to be able to use it safely. Again the timed grenade does come with safety issues, the possibility of it returning and, in the worst case going off in somebody’s hand as an unsuspecting player is trying to do the right thing and hand in what they believe to be a spent grenade only to have it go off as he/she picks it up this I’ve also seen happen on a number of times.


So my final ultimate question, Is there really a place in Airsoft for re-usable grenades? There’s no doubt that this piece of kit is used all over the world and can be a very effective tool on any skirmish field; however, the field marshals need to be “on the ball” and be aware of the locations of the timed/tripwire type and also be in the position to retrieve spent grenades and return them to their owners.

Time and time again during my games, if there’s one bit of kit that’s lost, it’s a Blank Firing Grenade.

I think the use of re-usable grenades, or at least Claymore’s and mine have a place in Airsoft, but only in the right environment, above all, there is one thing that lets down ALL the above types of grenades, and that sadly is THE PLAYER and lack of common sense that some players lack when deploying a grenade or being on the receiving end. Sadly Marshalls on the majority of sights can’t be everywhere – it’s impossible, but when it goes to reusable grenades, a clear policy needs to be in place on the skirmish field you’re attending to get the most enjoyment out of them but for me, the deploying and retrieving has always put me off plus just having one of all of the above isn’t going to be a game changer by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll all know that multiple grenades/bang are needed to be effective and with the reusable type that’s when it starts to get expensive.

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Blog: Frag Out Airsoft Grenade Review
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