Five Reasons Why Airsoft May Be the Best Father and Son Experience?

Five Reasons Why Airsoft May Be the Best Father and Son Experience?
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Finding the perfect present for Father’s Day can be a pain. There’s not only a cost factor involved, but there’s also finding the gift, making sure its in stock and then waiting days on end for it to arrive and then hoping it’s appreciated. On top of that, like most gifts, you’ll probably find it’s put in the attic after a while and forgotten about anyway! But what if we told you that you could introduce your father to something that could offer countless hours of fun, as well as being something that you can both enjoy for numerous hours… interested? We definitely were, and ever since picking airsoft up it has provided more hours of father/son time than anything before it. But why exactly should you look at dropping the yearly Father’s Day gift for something with a little more longevity in the form of airsoft weapons?

1. It provides numerous hours of quality time

Airsoft provides more quality time together than anything we’ve come across – especially if your father isn’t an avid sports fan. One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that sports often brings father and son together, but if your father isn’t interested in sports at all, it can often be hard to find something that appeals to both of you. With airsoft, events are put on every week, so you’ll always be able to get down to a playing field and spend some quality time together!

2. It’s great exercise

As your father gets older, ensuring he gets a good amount of exercise is paramount to keeping him ticking along. Due to the highly intensive nature surrounding airsoft, it makes for the perfect cardiovascular workout, and what’s better, it doesn’t actually feel like exercise!

3. It appeals to the Adrenalin junkie!

There’s nothing quite as Adrenalin inducing as spending 30 minutes approaching an enemy stronghold, watching every step you make to ensure you do not give away the position you’ve worked so hard to achieve or being in the thick of a firefight, down to your last magazine with 10 minutes left to hold out before you win. Before you know it your dad will be down at games every week, with or without you!

4. It’s a hobby that can be enjoyed any where, any time, any place

By this, we’re not suggesting you and your father run around the garden taking potshots at each other, but airsoft doesn’t just include getting down to a playing field and launching BBs at the enemy! You’ve got various opportunities to spend quality time with your father when it comes to airsoft, whether it be cleaning your guns after a game, heading down to the local airsoft store to pick up essentials, or upgrading your rifles together, the options are vast and endless with the right amount of thought!

5. It’s fun!

Most importantly, airsoft is fun. Not only is playing airsoft brilliant fun, but the general atmosphere around an airsoft site is one that is full of cheer. 99% of players you’ll meet at a site will be welcoming, you’ll make new friends that you can share your newly found passion with, and you’ll create memories with your father that will forever be remembered – and what better way to spend this Father’s Day than introducing your father to airsoft and giving him a platform to create countless hours of memories with his son or daughter?

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