Cheap Gun Cases

Cheap Gun Cases
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With cheap Gun Cases, transporting airsoft rifles can be a tricky task to carry out at times. While there are no laws in the United States that state an Airsoft Gun must be carried in a case while transporting it in your vehicle, it is definitely safer to do so. We’ve had first-hand experience with this, in which during our early years of playing airsoft, we were stopped by the police and didn’t have our Airsoft Guns in a case. While we informed the officer that there was an airsoft gun in the vehicle’s trunk, it took some convincing to show it wasn’t actually a real firearm, which obviously, licensing aside, does need to be carried in a specific case. In reality, this is something that could have been circumvented through the use of a gun case, making our and the officer in question’s lives easier.

In short, this means you’ll need to look for a suitable gun case to transport your guns to and from your local skirmish field. Furthermore, we would also suggest transporting any purchased gun (mainly second-hand purchases which do not have a box) in a gun case. With that said, though, what deems a gun case suitable?

So with the above in mind, what are your options when looking at the cheap end of the market? Unless you’re buying second-hand, unfortunately, you’ll have to forget about hard cases – of which most start at around the $50 mark. However, there are several soft cases on the market under the $30 mark that will definitely provide you with a suitable case for the transportation of your airsoft guns, offering suitable levels of protection and, most importantly, keeping your airsoft gun safe and clean during transport.

Here are the best options on the market, in our opinion!


Okay, so we’re cheating a little with this one as it’s just under $50; however, if you’re someone who travels to games or to and from your local retailer via other transport, this is perfect.

Most rifle cases look like…. well, they look like rifle cases. In other words, when you are transporting your rifle or rifles, you essentially become a target for scrutiny. I don’t want anyone (bad guys, law enforcement, or otherwise) to know I am moving a pistol, a CQB rifle, or other guns. While there are plenty of options for being a bit more discreet, this guitar-shaped gun bag/case is genius. Now you can carry your rifle around without any security worries. This black guitar-shaped case has a durable zipper to open the front side and expose the gun fixings inside. The gun bag is well padded and has high-quality shoulder straps. On the front are several different webbing configurations plus a large pocket with Velcro closure.


The Bulldog Basic Rifle Bag. If we’re honest, it is very much defined by its name, in the fact that it is very much a basic rifle bag, but it certainly does the job and will hold just about any rifle or sniper rifle.

This Bulldog Basic Rifle Bag features one external pocket and a padded main compartment with a zipper. The bag can be carried by handles or over the shoulder with a strap that can be stowed in the pocket when not in use. Made of durable Cordura 500D, this Basic Bulldog Rifle Bag was designed to securely and comfortably carry scoped airsoft sniper rifles.


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