By purchasing from our range of Renata batteries, you’ll be able to head to battle at your prime. We want to ensure that your airsoft rifles are fully equipped to always provide you with the power you need. Renata batteries are available in various shapes and sizes, meaning whatever airsoft rifle you may have, we can provide the batteries. Make sure you’re fully prepared with the appropriate airsoft gear, whether you’re using your rifle for military or shooting use. Renata’s comprehensive assortment of batteries includes highly recommended and long-lasting power sources. Renata has first-hand knowledge of what is entailed from a high-quality Lithium silver coin battery, offering excellent reliability and the highest quality standards. These products offer an excellent power source for a multitude of different airsoft accessories, meaning we can cater for everyone. Shop Renata at Just Airsoft Guns for the best power sources for your airsoft guns and accessories.

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