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CQB, which stands for Close Quarters Battle, is a term used to describe combat situations that take place in confined spaces, such as buildings or urban environments. It involves a range of tactical techniques and strategies designed for close-quarter combat scenarios. While there is no specific “CQB Russian” technique or style, Russia, like many other countries, has its own military and law enforcement units that specialize in close-quarters combat. One prominent example is the Spetsnaz, which refers to special forces units in the Russian military. Spetsnaz units are known for their expertise in various types of combat, including close-quarters battles. The Russian military has a history of employing specific tactics and techniques for urban warfare and close-quarters combat. These techniques often prioritize swift and efficient movement, coordination between team members, and the use of specialized airsoft guns and equipment suited for confined spaces. It’s worth noting that tactics and techniques for close-quarters combat are not exclusive to any particular country. Military and law enforcement units worldwide have developed their own approaches to CQB based on their training, operational requirements, and specific circumstances. These tactics often draw from a variety of sources and are constantly evolving based on lessons learned from real-world operations and training exercises. If you have any specific questions or would like to know more about a particular aspect of Russian CQB or any other topic, feel free to ask!

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