Beretta is a leading Italian weapons manufacturer. Our Beretta airsoft guns take these iconic designs and transform them into the perfect partners for your airsoft fun. Replica models deliver the sleek look and unbeatable functionality which are synonymous with the brand. The M 92 FS is a premium airsoft pistol, based on the leading format used by security and police forces. Powered by CO2 hidden in the grip frame and with an 8-shot capacity, it's one of the most popular models at the higher end of the price scale, making it a must-have for airsoft pros who want to excel in their game. For those looking for something within a lower budget, The Beretta PX4 Storm is a firm favorite. Hello, target practice! Need to improve your aim before you get going? The Beretta Kit of 2 Spring Pistol 92FS Guns comes complete with a target to start practicing with. Here you will also find airsoft magazines and more.

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