ARES is a leading manufacturer of airsoft guns and gear, and they are renowned for their forward-thinking technical innovation.  In their airsoft rifle range, they have dozens of models to choose from, such as their M14 series, which has five types on offer and all of which feature: a reinforced metal gearbox, quick hop-up adjustment, their Rapid Velocity Tuning System (RVTS), and plastic handguard covers. Alongside a vast array of accessories, they also have their Gunsmith Limited Edition rifle range with gunstock made from real American wood and featuring unique serial numbers. One of ARES’ best products on offer from Just Airsoft Guns is the Amoeba AM-005 SMG, which has a folding stock for easy transportation, a 450rd hi-capacity magazine, 350-370 FPS muzzle velocity, and a nylon foregrip – however, there’s plenty of opportunities to modify it if required.

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