XS06-35 LRF Handheld Thermal Monocular with Rangefinder


This is the XS06-35 LRF Handheld Thermal Monocular with Rangefinder from SYTONG.

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This is the XS06-LRF Handheld Thermal Monocular with Rangefinder.

Sytong XS06-LRF Series is a compact thermal imaging monocular built-in laser rangefinder from Sytong brand, The high-tech novelty of 2023 is built on a modern IR sensor that provides high-quality images with an extremely high level of detail.

The detection range of 3000 meters has been confirmed by numerous tests.

The range of optical zoom allows you to zoom in and examine in detail even a very distant object. Everything that you see in the thermal imager can be recorded on video with sound.

To improve the quality, there is a set of color display schemes and several visual effects.

The Wi-Fi module is designed to work together with digital devices on Android and iOS.

The thermal imager Sytong XS03-LRF series received the most positive reviews from the owners.

A pocket monocular with the capabilities of the top market representatives is designed for the widest range of applications. It can be equally well used during the search for animals on the hunt, during rescue missions, for security purposes for patrolling the territory, etc.

Innovative sensor 640X480, NETD ≤30mk

The introduction of the latest technological solutions in Sytong XS06-LRF Series thermal products has allowed it to take its rightful place in the market. High-Performance Focal Plane Arrays (FPA) are manufactured using a new manufacturing process that significantly increases the density of the recording sensors (12 µm). Temperature sensitivity threshold NETD ≤30mk increased resolution. Working in the transparency zone of the earth’s atmosphere (8-14 nm) allows thermal imaging optics to see radiation from objects in complete darkness, also through fog or smoke.

Germanium MM lens with manual focus

The base magnification level can be increased using the Digital zoom function in x1, x2, x4, x6 and x8 increments. The maximum magnification that the monocular has is 1.7x. The front lens is made of completely transparent for infrared radiation – material from Germany (32 Ge). The wide field of view allows for fast searching.

AMOLED display 0.39 inch

The AMOLED color OLED display is considered one of the best solutions for compact observational optics. The screen diagonal 0.39 inches, resolution 1024×768 pixels conveys a colorful picture with a great depth of colors. Additionally, there are advanced contrast and brightness settings, as well as several visual effects.

Image Detail Boost

When observing in difficult visibility conditions, users have the option to optimize the image, which works according to unique algorithms. Effective noise suppression makes it possible to increase sharpness, it is much easier to identify the target and determine the trophy status of the animal from the contrast image.

Color Palettes

Users of the Sytong XS06 thermal imaging monoculars have a choice of five color options. Monochrome palettes show themselves better when searching at long distances. Warm shades of color palettes are more suitable for long-term observations.

laser pointer

A handy feature for hunters and energy workers. You can always illuminate an animal with a laser beam for colleagues with night optics, or indicate a problem area with heat loss.

Hot tracking function

Actual functionality when tracking moving targets in a condition with insufficient visibility. Using a special marker, the most heated area will be marked on the thermal image of the scene. Also, the option is convenient when tracking wounded animals, according to the left thermal trace.

Video recording with sound, high-speed Wi-Fi

Sytong LRF Series thermal monoculars have a built-in microphone that allows you to record video with sound. Support for FAT32 TF cards with a capacity of up to 128 GB will allow you to forget about problems with insufficient free space. Media files are recorded in formats familiar to many systems – .mp4 / .ipg. The Wi-Fi module allows you to view video on the screens of connected smartphones or tablets. To download the application, just scan the QR code.


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