Calling all airsoft hobbyists that need PPE for skirmishing, we have you covered! These new disposable civil 3 ply face masks are ideal for wearing under you half or full airsoft masks. It has been a turbulent year for many people. As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept around the world, many of us have been forced to abandon our favorite hobbies, close our businesses, and stay at home. Luckily, as the restrictions are gradually eased, we can start to look forward to being able to return to something close to normal. So, as airsoft guns enthusiasts and players are able to resume the sport – what health and safety considerations do you need to consider? The fact that airsoft can be played in large open spaces certainly makes it one of the lower-risk sports to recommence. However, there will still be moments, both in the game or in changing facilities, that appropriate social distancing may not be possible. Therefore in order to fully protect yourself and your team-mates, protective PPE such as face masks and shields have been shown to help stop the spread of the virus. This is particularly the case for people who have been infected but are not displaying any symptoms. For business owners, and those working on airsoft sites, PPE is also a valuable way to protect yourself, as customers start to return to your premises. Even healthy, active people can be infected and unknowingly spread the virus to those around them – so PPE is always a worthwhile investment, whether you are a player or an airsoft business owner.

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