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The airsoft gun you should buy depends on your desired features and needs. If you’re starting out with airsoft and just want to get experience with an airsoft gun, the fanciest model probably isn’t necessary. Spring-powered pistols are a good place to start for airsoft newbies, as they are pretty basic and do not require much expertise. If you want to move up a step, you may want to try out a gas-powered pistol. These normally feature a higher FPS and are a good choice for an intermediate shooter. Advanced and professional airsoft players normally have a variety of different Airsoft Guns.

More intricate fields and intense games may require different airsoft guns, so make sure you know which game(s) you want to play before purchasing one. As we have mentioned, it is also important to check your local laws regarding airsoft guns, as some states and countries have rules limiting (or prohibiting) certain airsoft guns. In short, an airsoft pistol will typically be sufficient for target practice and amateur games, but if you’re planning on becoming a professional or playing with the pros, you may need a more intense rifle with a higher FPS and range. See our full range of Airsoft Guns at