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Safety is critical when handling any sort of gun – even Airsoft Guns. While they may utilize plastic Airsoft BB and not lead or another metal, they can still cause injuries and damage. It is important to remember these safety guidelines when it comes to airsoft gun ownership and usage:

1. Cover-up! This includes clothing your entire body, including your legs and arms. Wear the required safety equipment. Cover your eyes with protective eyewear and wear a mask and helmet at all times.
2. Practice safe handling! Do not blind shoot on the field and, as with a real firearm, always point your airsoft gun in a safe direction when you are not shooting it. Unload/disarm your airsoft gun when it is not in use.
3. Keep children away from your airsoft guns when they are not in use, and if kids are playing with the guns, be sure to supervise them.
4. Play with your airsoft gun away from other people who could interfere and get injured.
5. Take care of your airsoft gun. Clean the barrel after usage and regularly clean the body of it.
6. If an opponent surrenders during an airsoft “battle,” cease shooting.