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On AEG airsoft guns the first thing to check if not working is the fuse. Most AEGs use an inline glass fuse so you can see the fuse wire inside and it should be a case of simply opening the fuse holder and looking at the fuse wire to see if it has indeed burnt out. However, a number of fuses are failing at the end caps, whether this is because they are cheaply made and the solder hasn’t taken or in fact, it’s a press-fit and the contact has been broken, the simple fact is a visual inspection just isn’t enough. To check a glass inline fuse correctly, either use a multi-meter or more conveniently, remove the fuse and directly connect the two fuse holder clips, clip them together and now try your AEG. If it fires, replace the fuse and you’re all done! If not, then it’s something more and may require one of our airsoft technicians to diagnose and repair. If you have any questions about this FAQ please contact us at Just Airsoft Guns USA.