Installation Shim Kit, Fusion Engine


This is a high-quality shim kit – four brass shims designed to aid with proper nozzle alignment.

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Fusion Engine Installation Shim Kit

This is a high-quality shim kit – four brass shims designed to aid with proper nozzle alignment. This includes the most commonly used sizes: 1pc 0.020″, 1pc 0.025″, 1pc 0.032″, 1pc 0.045″. Each can also be simply sanded down for precise fitment if needed.

Not all manufacturers design their rifle models to the exact same specifications. Some models may require some minor modifications to find the perfect fit, with one of the most common modifications required being shimming the engine in the receiver so that the nozzle is centred in the barrel when everything is put together.

Sometimes with rifles where the bolt securing the buffer tube screws directly into the back of the engine, we see that it pulls back on the engine and lifts the nozzle up or occasionally pushes it down. By visually inspecting the nozzle (by peering down the muzzle with a flashlight — unloaded, of course!) and seeing if the gap visible around the nozzle is equal on all sides. From there, you can install the space to adjust the nozzle position.

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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in
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