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Our prepaid gift cards are the perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays or any special occasion. For a full description of our gift cards and how to buy and use them, please see the description below.

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To buy a gift card online is very easy, simply follow these steps:

  1. Choose the card amount – In the dropdown box (gift card price) select the price of the gift card you wish to buy.
  2. Enter the recipient email address in the box. This can be the address of the recipient or your address if you wish to print it out and give it inside a card. If you are sending it to the recipient we recommend that you also send it to yourself, so you also have a copy. Simply separate the email and your email with a comma (,)
  3. Enter your name – Enter the name of the person that the gift card is from.
  4. Enter a message (optional) – This box enables you to write a message within the email when the gift card is sent.
  5. Then select a date for the email to be sent – You can keep it as NOW which will send the email as soon as the gift card is paid for, or select a future date via the drop-down cylinder option.
  6. Pay for the gift card – Hit the add to cart button in orange to place the item into the cart, then proceed to checkout and make payment.

The following is an example of the email that will be sent with the gift card attached…



If you are one of the lucky ones and have received one of our gift cards, then this is how you can redeem it and buy from Just Airsoft Guns.

  1. Receiving a gift card – You will have either received it in an email or in a card by hand.
  2. Shop online at the Just Airsoft Guns website – Place items into your basket before checking out as normal.
  3. Total cart value – Don’t forget you can spend part of the gift card value, all of it or put the gift card value towards a larger spend and part pay with PayPal or a payment card.
  4. Enter Gift Card CODE – Before you complete the order, don’t forget to apply your code. The box for this is located just above the payment section on the checkout page.

Don’t forget to keep your gift card code secure at all times until the point of spending it with Just Airsoft Guns.


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All orders placed by 1 pm CST usually go out the same day but may be delayed. First-class mail tends to take a lot longer to deliver as compared to other options. So please don't be in a rush if you choose this option. We recommend Priority for 2-4 day delivery. First-class can take up to a week, but sometimes deliver them earlier as well, 2-3 days. First-class is only for small packages under One pound (0.45 kg).



Packages ship same-day if ordered before 1 pm CST. This is one of the fastest methods if you're in the southeast USA. Orders placed over the weekend ship on Monday. Billing and shipping addresses must match for all Orders to be confirmed. Please use PayPal as your preferred payment option, as all shipping addresses are being validated through PayPal. Or call your credit card company (number on the back of your card) to authorize your new address as an AVS matching address.



Most Airsoft Gun orders to New York are not allowed due to state laws and regulations the state has implemented. Do check with our Customer Service team, to check whether your NYC Zip code is under restricted areas or not. All NYC gun orders will be canceled immediately. We will still ship airsoft accessories, tactical gear, and everything else to NY residents though. From January 2016, California airsoft guns will be shipped with new colored strips to adhere to its new gun laws (SB 199). Additional marking will be done to ensure that the Airsoft Guns, comply with the regulations.



Under Federal Law, airsoft guns and air guns are not classified as firearms and are legal for all ages. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to buy airsoft guns, however; a person of any age may use one.



There is no age restriction when buying BBs or other accessories. However, items such as GAS, CO2, SMOKE GRENADES and FLASH BANGS may have an 18 years restriction applied.



There is no age restriction to own or to operate an Airsoft Gun. It is within the law for a person that is 18 years or over to purchase an Airsoft Gun and gift it to a person that is under the age of 18 years of age to own and operate. So, a parent can buy an airsoft gun and give it to their child to use or keep regardless of their age. We recommend that an adult should supervise persons under the age of 14 years.