BULLDOG Biodegradable 5000 Airsoft BB 0.20g White

BULLDOG Biodegradable 5000 Airsoft BB 0.20g White

5000 bulldog bb

BULLDOG Biodegradable 5000 Airsoft BB 0.20g White


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This bottle containing 5000 competitive grade biodegradable 0.20g airsoft BBs 6mm white.

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Bulldog Airsoft 0.20g white 6mm pro-grade Biodegradable BBs, designed to optimize the performance of all Airsoft BB Guns including; Co2 Operated, Airsoft BB Guns with Hop Up, Shotguns, Single Shot Rifles, most good quality Entry-Level BB Guns and High End (AEG) Electric Rifles.

bulldog airsoft bbs
bulldog bb

Bulldog BBs stand out from the rest, they are calibrated and have a smooth polished surface, with no ridges or imperfections.

  • Made with environmentally friendly materials
  • Designed for professional training & simulation gaming
  • Highest rating in accuracy, grouping, and range
  • Made by the #1 BB manufacturer
bulldog bio calabrater

Precision is the most important factor in high-quality airsoft BBs. Bulldog BBs are 5.95mm + 0.01mm calibrated and have no ridges or imperfections. Designed to maximize the performance of your airsoft guns and pistols. Your favorite Bulldog BBs now come with a re-sealable sturdy tub or bag for easy transportation. Bulldog BBs now the number one selling BB in the world and used by players and gun collectors alike.

bulldog bb chart
bulldog bb

Your airsoft gun can only be as good as its ammunition. Selecting the right BB not only makes a difference on the field but also to the internal health of your gun. Bulldog Airsoft BBs are engineered to perform at the highest level whilst also maintaining a superior level of cleanliness. Each perfect sphere is carefully polished and cleaned to a glossy finish before bottled or bagged. The result is a uniform BB, with a predictable trajectory, that will cycle consistently.

bulldog airsoft bio bb

Biodegradable BBs are developed for airsoft use and are specifically designed to degrade in the natural environment and leave little to no trace over time. The BBs look the same, shoot the same but give a number of benefits. It helps the environment and lets sites operate in areas that would otherwise not allow traditional ammo. Biodegradable BBs should be used more quickly than standard BBs and kept dry at all times; old or damp Biodegradable BBs can start to swell and may get jammed in your mag or gun.

Today 0.20g is the most common weight for general airsoft use, and its the absolute lightest weight that you should use in your AEG guns or gas/Co2 Pistols. Ensure that your gun never stops performing at the utmost of its abilities with Bulldog Airsoft BBs precision ammunition.

Bulldog Match Grade Airsoft BBs are available in standard and biodegradable.


This tub containing 5,000 competitive grade 0.20g airsoft BBs 6mm White. Triple polished for precision accuracy, consistency, greater range and reduced gun maintenance. Lab-tested Biodegradable premium quality to meet team game requirements and conforms to standards. Designed for: All pro-level gas pistols, higher-end AEG’s and rifles. Prompt shipping. The satisfaction of 6mm guaranteed by Bulldog Airsoft.

Airsoft BBs Pellet Product Features:

Manufacturer by BULLDOG AIRSOFT
Container: Plastic bottle
Quantity: 5000
BBs weight: .20g
BBs size: Consistent 5.95 mm +/- 0.01mm (common term 6mm)
BBs color: White
Attributes: Lab-tested Biodegradable, Triple polished, Premium Pro level
Usage locations: Indoor, outdoor
Designed for: All pro-level gas pistols, higher-end AEG’s and rifles.
Designed to be used with all FPS ranges

The pro-level Airsoft Bulldog biodegradable BBs are engineered for competitive team use and have a triple polish for increased accuracy and less barrel maintenance shot consistency and greater range. The .20g BB weight provides a reliable use for tactical and military-style team games using various types of pro-grade airsoft pistols and rifles. It is suggested that you test your airsoft gun with various weights to determine the best ammo match for your individual use by occasion.

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