BULLDOG 2000 Airsoft BB 0.30g White

BULLDOG 2000 Airsoft BB 0.30g White

BULLDOG 2000 Airsoft BB 0.30g White


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[1] Bottle containing [2,000] competitive grade [.30g] airsoft BBs [6mm White]
Triple polished for precision accuracy, consistency, greater range and reduced gun maintenance.
Lab tested premium quality to meet team game requirements and conforms to standards.
Designed for: All pro level gas pistols, higher end AEG’s and rifles.
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Satisfaction of 6mm guaranteed by BULLDOG AIRSOFT.

Airsoft BBs Pellet Product Features


Container: Plastic bottle
Quantity: 2000
BBs weight: .30g
BBs size: Consistent 5.95 mm +/- 0.01mm (common term 6mm)
BBs color: White
Attributes: Lab-tested, Triple polished, Premium Pro level
Usage locations: Indoor, outdoor
Designed for: All pro-level gas pistols, higher-end AEG’s and rifles.
Designed to be used with all FPS ranges

The pro-level Airsoft Bulldog BBs are engineered for competitive team use and have a triple polish for increased accuracy and less barrel maintenance shot consistency and greater range.

The .30g BB weight provides a reliable use for tactical and military-style team games using various types of pro-grade airsoft pistols and rifles.

It is suggested that you test your airsoft gun with various weights to determine the best ammo match for your individual use by occasion.

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