In airsoft combat, one of the most important things you can bring to the table is versatility. With a strong selection of weapons, you can excel at all ranges against any opponent. This is where HFC and their selection of weapon types come in, giving you a great range of options for any situation.

For example, if you know you’ll be fighting it out in an open field, the VSR11 sniper (modeled after the Tokyo Marui VSR-10) can give you the range you need, whereas more rapid-fire weapons offer up to 328fps, getting plenty of shots downrange quickly if you’re in a tight and restricted environment. Finally, if neither of these options is suitable for close-range combat, HFC’s pistols are a reliable and high-quality backup.

Here are Just Airsoft Guns, we offer both the weapons you need and any extras you might require on the battlefield. Whether you’re after a new sniper to win your long-range battles, or a drum magazine to keep you armed in intense combat, you can get the best of HFC at Just Airsoft Guns.



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