Established in 2007, Aim Sports’ mission statement is to provide “Superior Performance with Quality Value Products.” As an industry-leading firearms accessories manufacturer, they are known for their innovative product line and are continually launching top-quality, well-designed gear. Products in their lineup include AR free-float handguards, which are designed to boost heat ventilation and cut weight, ergonomically designed Mil-Spec grips, ultra-comfortable and quick-deploying bandoleers and their XPF Series feature-packed scopes featuring 1-4×24 first focal plane all the way up to the 10-40×50 second focal plane. Additional accessories include quick-adjusting Bi-Pods and durably-built bags for transporting your airsoft gear. At Just Airsoft Guns, we’re continually testing Aim Sports’ new equipment, and our product range continues to grow every day. Whatever airsoft gear or advice you’re looking for, JAG is here to assist you, and with our team’s comprehensive knowledge, you can be sure that you’re getting the best gear to suit your needs.

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