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Welcome To Just Airsoft Guns USA! 770 430 Mark Watts

Welcome To Just Airsoft Guns USA!

The brand new Just Airsoft Guns USA is now live! Airsoft fans in the United States can now take advantage of our top selling product range and famously awesome price drops. We are based in Dallas Texas but can ship nationwide as we can comply with the Airsoft regulations of each individual state. Don’t forget to keep a look out for the new Just Airsoft store, opening very soon in Dallas, Texas!

Take a look through the new Just Airsoft Guns website to see a number of great airsoft rifles, pistols and accessories. Some never before seen in the United States!

Green Gas Airsoft
Types of NUPROL Airsoft Gas 770 430 Mark Watts

Types of NUPROL Airsoft Gas

The world of airsoft can be confusing sometimes, even more so if you are only just getting into your first gas or CO2 powered Airsoft Guns. There are a number of different types of airsoft guns, all of which can have a drastically different effect on the performance of your gas airsoft rifles or pistols. NUPROL is a leading manufacturer of airsoft gas, they make three main types of gas: green, red and black.

Red airsoft gas is designed to provide extremely consistent, powerful performance over a wide range of temperatures. This is important as the temperature of your environment can have a huge impact on the performance of your airsoft weapon. Red is considered a great all-rounder and will provide plenty of power at a consistent rate.

Black airsoft gas performance is intended for use in the cold at temperatures between 3c and 20c. Perfect for the winter airsoft season, NUPROL black will keep your airsoft rifle firing at an impressive rate even at the coldest of airsoft skirmishes.

Finally, we have the famous green gas. Green Gas provides the ultimate in power delivery for your airsoft rifle or pistol at normal temperatures. It also features a silicone lubricant to help keep your airsoft rifles and pistols at their best.

Check out the full range of NUPROL airsoft gas at Just Airsoft Guns.

AK47 airsoft rifles
SRC AK47 Airsoft Rifles 770 430 Mark Watts

SRC AK47 Airsoft Rifles

New to Just Airsoft Guns, SRC’s range of amazing airsoft rifles. SRC is a well-known airsoft brand hailing from Taiwan. They have years of experience in bringing high-end airsoft rifles and pistols to the market at a price everyone can afford, this experience extends to the SRC AK47 Airsoft Rifles. SRC has been one of the top-selling airsoft manufacturers in the world for some time and has brought this experience into their latest airsoft rifles. The AK47 is one of the more popular styles of airsoft rifle. This means there is no shortage of upgrade parts, especially for a brand as popular and well regarded as SRC Taiwan. Being part of the popular AK47 airsoft platform also means extra magazines are cheap and easy to find.

SRC have brought their excellent range of AK47 airsoft rifles to Just Airsoft Guns. The pro-grade generation 2 and generation 3 AK47 AEG airsoft rifles offer insane quality and performance for such a great price. These airsoft rifles are more than suitable for airsoft skirmishing with metal construction with wood style accents. Fire select has a semi, fully automatic and safety modes. The generation 2 AK47 features a metal reinforced gearbox for ultimate reliability whilst being lipo battery compatible. The generation 3 SRC AK47 features full metal internals to increase performance, this rifle is a true high-end airsoft rifle.