Best airsoft guns for kids

These airsoft spring guns and pistols will supply many hours of fun for you and your kids. You must be 18 years or over to purchase, but there is no age restriction to use any of the following products. Most guns and pistols on this page are complete with a small bag of low-quality BBs (your ammo) however we recommend that you add some quality Bulldog BBs to your order to get the most enjoyment out of shooting your new gun and don’t forget you will need some shooting glasses or goggles.


At Just Airsoft Guns USA we sell the best airsoft guns for kids that shoot BBs, but at low power, even though the guns do fire at a low power we still recommend parental supervision at all times. The best airsoft guns for kids are probably going to be spring or battery-powered guns that don’t need cocking to shoot them, unlike spring-powered guns. However, some spring-powered airsoft guns are suitable for children as they have a light spring cocking system. We are a longstanding partner of the global airsoft company JBBG and a leading retailer of Airsoft Guns and Airsoft Gear. Our years of industry experience and international presence means that we always strive to offer our customers discounted prices on Airsoft Rifles and Airsoft Pistols so that whether you are looking for a gun for skirmishing or for target practice, we have an option suitable for you at an affordable price. If you are looking for Guns in Texas or anywhere in the USA, we are your trusted retailer.

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