Manufactured in the far east under license, the Bulldog airsoft guns and airsoft rifles range offers something for every budget. With a wide range of replicas available, construction varies from heavy-duty polymer through to metal skirmish weapons that provide professional performance. Some of the reasons Bulldog is a firm favorite with airsofters of all abilities and includes: Good selection of entry-level replicas, which are ideal for those starting out in the sport or those on a limited budget. Plenty of add-ons to provide greater accuracy and performance. Strength where it matters: the lighter, plastic Bulldog guns still benefit from high-grade, metal internals. Ergonomic design for comfortable use in the field. Range of sizes and weights to suit players of all shapes and sizes. Easy to use and cost-effective firinge firing actstraightforwardhtforwarddd transition between automatic, semi-automatic, and safety.

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