These high-quality airsoft shotguns are incredibly versatile in short-range combat: some of them fire just one BB for the perfect shot and accuracy, others have easy-grip handles for an enhanced rate of fire. They are very easy to use: just pump the grip and go! Airsoft shotgun rifles offer incredible firepower for their size – some even fire three shots at once! If you’re looking for an excellent sidearm or a compact short-range powerhouse, our high-quality range has it all. These shotguns have a strong plastic body perfect for a beginner who wants a reliable workhorse by their side for even the most intense firefight. Offering exceptional value for money, these handy entry-level replicas offer excellent value and a surprising level of durability. They can be very handy for a short-range melee and with the right operator can certainly hold their own against other types of airsoft guns and airsoft rifles.

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